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We have been selling mushroom spawn and unusual garden accessories since 1999.

Our range of mushroom spawn and substrate kits are well proven and we have tested all of them in numerous trials. In fact, we have developed many of our spawn and substrate kits ourselves as a practical and reliable alternative to other growing methods.

As an example of a "traditional" growing method, have you ever tried to soak a bale of straw in your bath tub and then tried to carry it afterwards into the garden?
We haven't either ...

This led Nicola Krämer to develop the popular and easy to grow kits ("combi-sets") with oyster mushroom spawn and straw pellet substrate.. You can grow mushrooms with our kits at any time of the year, even indoors, and it's now one of our "classic" products which we recommend to newcomers to mushroom cultivation.


Picture: Spawn and substrate kits (Pink oyster mushroom)

Nicola Krämer was very pleased to be asked by Ulmer Verlag to update the book "Pilzanbau in Haus und Garten" (Jolanda Englbrecht, 1987) and to contribute her more than 20 years of experience on this subject. The completely re-written 5th edition was published In October 2021 in German under the new title "Pilze selbst anbauen in Haus und Garten" (Mushroom cultivation in the home and garden).

Nicola Krämer is the owner of this webshop and knows from numerous enquiries and consultations with customers what questions are often asked and discusses them in detail answers in this book. 

The book can be ordered here free of shipping costs (German language only).


We want to wish you lots of fun growing mushrooms indoors and in the garden and are happy to answer any of your questions.

Many of our customers praise the excellent advice and growing tips they get from Nicola Krämer. Please do not hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions. We try to answer as fast as possible. info@shii- take.de

Nicola Krämer and Team
Mushroom spawn and growing advice since 1999

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