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We also export our products to all EU countries, Scandinavia and some other countries too. Please write an email or phone us. We speak English.
Ordering from abroad: You need to pay in advance. Proceed as follows: Order in the shop, by email or fax / phone. We will then calculate the shipping costs to your country and will send you an invoice with the total cost and all further details. Shipping takes place after receiving your payment

Mushroom names in English, Nederlands and Latin:
Austernpilz = Oyster mushroom, Oesterzwam, Pleurotus ostreatus
Shiitake = Shiitake, Lentinula edodes
Stockschwämmchen = Changeable agaric mushroom, Kleine Bundelzwam, Kuehneromyces mutabilis
Ulmenseitling = Elm Oyster Mushroom, Hypsizygus ulmarius
Südlicher Schüppling, Pappelschüppling = Black Poplar Mushroom, Agrocybe aegerita
Nameko, Toskana-Pilz = Nameko Mushroom, Pholiota nameko

Overview of mushroom growing methods:
Inoculated plugs ( Impfdübel )
Inoculated plugs are used to grow mushrooms on logs. Holes are drilled into the logs and then the plugs are inserted using a hammer. Please see shiitake.de/eng  for growing instructions and a list of suitable wood types.
Inoculated grain ( Pilzbrut: Körnerbrut, Strohbrut)
Inoculated grain is used to grow mushrooms on logs or on straw. Logs: Slots are cut into the logs using a chain saw and the grain is then filled into the slots. Normally, a slot is cut half way through the log, one at each end of the log. The grain-filled slots must be protected with packaging tape.
Growing on straw: Only oyster mushroom varieties and wine-red Stropharia can be grown on straw.
Hobby-kits: For fast growing mushroom results we sell kits for culture blocks for various mushroom types.

See shiitake.de/eng for some more details on mushroom growing in English or send us an email with your questions.

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