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spec. offer: Shii-take mushroom, 50 inoculated plugs

spec. offer: Shii-take mushroom, 50 inoculated plugs

(Lentinula edodes), Donko type. Spawn for growing mushrooms on logs. Suitable wood types: above all oak, beech, hornbeam, birch, alder, cherry, edible chestnut.
Shiitake-Pilz am Stamm
Important. The logs you use must be healthy and the bark should not be damaged. After cutting from the living tree, the logs should be stored for 4 to max. 12 weeks before inoculation.
Log size and quantity of plugs: Shiitake likes thinner, longer logs - length 80 - 120 cm and diameter 10 -15 cm. Use about 12 - 15 plugs for each log.
We also sell economical bulk packs with 400 or 1000 plugs. Price for 400 or 1000 plugs.
Delivery time approx. 3-6 working days.
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From qty. 2: 13,50 EUR
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