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Conifer tuft  (Hypholoma capnoides), 50 inoculated plugs

Conifer tuft  (Hypholoma capnoides), 50 inoculated plugs

Hypholoma capnoides. Spawn for growing mushrooms on logs. Suitable wood types: above all on spruce and pine, sometimes on beech too. Grows naturally in Central Europe, only became available recently as spawn. Can also be used to decompose spruce and pine stumps in the garden.
Graublättriger Schwefelkopf (Hypholoma capnoides)
You can harvest this excellent edible mushroom from Spring to Autumn, mainly in Autumn. Grows in tufts. The hats are yellow or light ochre, the gills are smoke grey or grey-blue, but not green or yellow.
Important: Other mushrooms of this family with green or yellow gills are not edible.
To grow mushrooms for harvesting: The logs you use must be healthy and have undamaged bark. After cutting from the living tree, they should be stored for 4 to max. 12 weeks before inoculation. Log size and quantity of plugs: Logs of 30 - 35 cm length and 20 cm diameter need about 12 - 15 plugs each. Use more plugs for larger logs.
To decompose old stumps: Inoculate the larger side roots too and cover up the stump to avoid drying out.
Note: If you order 100 plugs or more of this mushroom type, we may supply 100 in one bag instead of 2 bags of 50 plugs.
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